Breaking into 120 mph club head speeds

Breaking into 120 mph club head speeds can be challenging but certainly not impossible with the right technique. My Swingspeed Spring Training videos are really about showing all you senior golfers, that you’re not too old. And YOU can increase your swing speed and driving distance with a surprisingly small amount of work.

As a 67-year-old senior hitting long drives is one of my GREATEST THRILLS, but this year it seems a little more difficult. I’m not sure if I’m not swinging properly or if my age is catching up, so I started a Spring Training program to get my swing speed up as quickly as possible…and it’s beginning to work!

Day 3 Swingspeed Spring Training copy

My Swingspeed Spring Training program is pretty simple. I swing my “Igotcha-Ready” club head swing weight every couple of days for about 2 minutes to build up my golf muscles. Then, I work on my swing form and technique a couple of times per week…always with an emphasis on swinging my elbows faster and faster to increase my speed.

To my surprise my swing sort of “changed” in very subtle ways, over the winter that still felt good, but didn’t allow me to generate as much speed.

Seeing my swing in my Day 1 video enabled me to see what I was doing wrong…or rather, what I was forgetting to do…and enabled me to make corrections and increase my swing speeds above 120 mph.

I’ll be working on maintaining my speed and striking the ball in the center of the club face on Day 4 of Spring Training.

I hope you’ll watch for it.

Robb Robbins